Makenzie Carter

Hometown: Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

When did you start working for the company: When I was 14 and a student at the Seaside Neighborhood School

What positions have you held: Cleaning Lady/Bagger at Perspicasity, Sales Associate at the Seaside Store and Sue Veneers Express, Accounting Assistant, Perspicasity Manager, Content Editor, Marketing Manager, Buyer, Director of Brand Development

Favorite Place in Seaside: The beach first thing in the morning, town center midday, and a great front porch during the evenings. Seaside is my favorite place on earth!

One item in your wardrobe you can't live without: It's a tie- Sunnies & sneakers

Currently listening to: Marc Broussard & Lizzo 

People would be surprised if they knew: I'm not tech savvy. I'd prefer a pen and a piece of paper over a device any day. I still use a paper planner to stay organized. Please don't send me a Google Doc!

Known for: For being a Super Recognizer (extreme facial recognition)

Always craving: Buffalo Sauce