Kendall Andrews

Hometown: Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

When did you start working for the company: 2005 when I was in middle school

What positions have you held: Over 14 years, I have worked in all 5 of our stores starting out as a "cleaning lady" at Perspicasity (now Cabana), Sales Associate, Administrative Assistant, Design Assistant, Marketing Coordinator, E-commerce Director, Director of Marketing and currently Senior Director of Brand Development & Marketing

Favorite Place in Seaside: That's a hard one because each space is unique in its own way and I have many memories all over town, but I would have to say Amphitheater because it is the center of all the excitement!

One item in your wardrobe you can't live without: A white tee, jeans and a statement shoe- I guess that's technically 3 items, but one outfit! 

Currently listening to: 

People would be surprised if they knew: A lot! I am a very private person and sharing my personal life does not come natural to me.

Known for: Googling anything and everything; I will do my research until I am well versed in the subject matter.

Always craving: A good challenge