Erica Gibson Pierce

Hometown: Enterprise, Alabama 

When did you start working for the company: August 7, 1988.

What positions have you held: I have been a Store Manager, Buyer, Interior Designer, Merchandiser, General Manager, CEO

Favorite Place in Seaside: Ruskin Place. The park is so peaceful and quiet compared to the high energy of Central Square.

One item in your wardrobe you can't live without: White Jeans. I wear them year round.

Currently listening to: Leon Bridges Radio

People would be surprised if they knew: I never go to the Beach. I live on a farm and enjoy the green space along with 50 cows, 5 horses, a miniature pony and donkey, two dogs and a cat.

Known for: Being a neat freak! I can’t function without order.

Always craving: Creative Inspiration. I am always looking for things, places and people that get my creative juices going.