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Who Moved My Cheese?

Years ago our fair leader, Daryl Davis, gave all of her employees a book to read called Who Moved My Cheese.  The book has pretty much served as an outline for keeping our company fresh after 27 years.  Ever so often we like to shake things up to make the old seem new, the tired look fresh, and keep you, the customer, on your toes! 

This year we have flip-flopped the location of two of our Seaside signature stores, Seaside Classic and Seaside Kids.  We have moved our flagship store, Seaside Classic into the former Kids' space next to Amavida Coffee and Seaside Beach.  The additional 500 square feet has allowed us to expand our great classic look into more fashion and accessories.  Robi Fugate, our merchandiser, has put together a beautiful new collection of our famous tees, linen separates, swimwear, and hats in the timeless pallet of navy, white, red, & blue jean.

Please take a peak at our new home:



Next week watch for our posting of the new Seaside Kids.  So cute!!!


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