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Where Kids Rule and Dogs Drool!

Last week I shared with you a glimpse of our new and improved Seaside Classic store now housed in the former Seaside Kids space on the beach.  Most of our new graphic t-shirts for spring are in the store and available on our website.  Bud our beloved mascot has taken center stage with a new red and navy stripe canvas which is hanging behind our cash wrap.


While Seaside Classic opened its doors for the 2011 season, the staff of Seaside Kids was busy stocking their new store in Town Center.  This jewel of a building, original home to Fusion Art Glass, is the perfect setting for this area's oldest children's store.  With a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore Decorator White, the fixtures gleam as a pristine setting for the cutest collection of fashion and toys ever.

Robi Fugate, our talented merchandiser, out did herself with this spring's new collection of Seaside graphic tees, mermaid skirts, shark swimsuit trunks, pretty tutus, butterfly prints and of course, Bud.  This season Bud is depicted  as a pirate, the namesake of a surf school and a hot dog stand, and as a colorful dotted silhouette.  A turquoise corduroy stuffed dachshund, in true Bud fashion, even barks at you when you pick him up!  Also new for Kids this season is a Seaside tee in lavender with silver ink.  This is the  perfect compliment for our silver metallic mermaid skirt.

Please enjoy the pictures of our latest endeavor!


This year Bud might rule, but you just might drool over the newest and cutest!  See you in Seaside real soon!

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