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What's New - Seaside Kids Spring 2013

We are super excited about our new colors and graphics for spring! The shopping page on our website is currently getting a makeover so we decided to share some of the new items with you on the blog. Please call Seaside Kids 850.231.1733 if you would like to place an order.

Crunchberry with Silver

Crunchberry with Silver L/S

Crunchberry with Silver Zip Hoodie

Mango with Mint

Mango with Mint L/S

Pink with Orange

Pink with Orange L/S

Pink with Orange Pullover Hoodie

Pink with Orange Sweatshirt

Kiwi with Graphite

Kiwi with Graphite L/S

Mint with Graphite

Mint with Graphite L/S

Mint with Graphite Sweatshirt

Mint with Graphite Zip Hoodie

Mint with Graphite Pullover Hoodie

Graphite with Mint

Graphite with Mint L/S

Graphite with Mint Sweatshirt

Graphite with Mint Zip Hoodie

Bud and Elephant

Street Sign Bike

Tough Guy Bud Stripe

Bud and Giraffe

Bud and Bird

Dot Mermaid

Infant Bud and Giraffe

Infant Bud and Bird

Infant Bud and Elephant


Infant Tough Guy Stripe Bud