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Turn on the Town!

Thanksgiving came and went faster than a speeding bullet!  We are officially counting down the days till Christmas now with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday behind us.   While most were fighting the crowds at the local malls and shopping centers, some of you lucky enough to be in Seaside, were celebrating the holidays as they were meant to be!

Thanksgiving weekend is one of the most magical times of year to visit our town.  After spending time with our families around the dinner table, everyone looks forward to the official kick-off of Christmas in Seaside  known as "Turn on the Town."  Traditionally this event starts the Saturday after Thanksgiving with the annual Christmas parade.  As the procession slowly makes its way down 30A from Seagrove to Seaside the energy of the crowd lining the streets builds in anxious anticipation of Santa Claus and the lighting of the huge tree on the stage of the Amphitheater.  This year town founders, Robert and Daryl Davis rode in the famous red Pontiac that is such a part of Seaside's history.

Bud chose to watch from the sidelines, and thoroughly enjoyed the Seaside Wave Dance team perform in front of the Post Office.  He was wearing his new green and blue Rugby sweater since the weather was a bit chilly for the beach.  It amazes me how so many people think a dachshund in clothes is the cutest thing they have ever seen.  I had actually bought Bud a little Santa suit, but my husband would not let me dress Bud in costume.  He thought it would draw too much attention for the little guy, but Bud still seemed to attract children and of course, pretty girls!

As the sun set over the Gulf in a spectacular blaze, Santa started his count down for the lighting of the tree.  Adam Shiland our Seaside Event Director did an amazing job once again of organizing a civilized procession of children to visit Santa. 

As we walked around town after the tree lighting, I was overcome at how beautiful our little beach town is at night,  especially adorned with a million white lights.  Strolling through Perspicasity, I was amazed at how many families were having their pictures made in the middle of our outdoor Bazaar.  The staff has done a spectacular job of setting a festive photo opportunity with their giant lighted orbs.  I couldn't help but get a family picture myself!

As usual, Seaside was the perfect setting to kick off the start of the Christmas season.  In celebration of the season Bud wants to extend  a special offer for all online orders up until Christmas Day.  Just enter the code "Bud20" at checkout, and we will give you 20% off your entire online purchase.  Seaside gear makes great gifts for everyone!

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