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Time & Tide


"Returning time and time again to this singular, secluded beachfront, Chaize seeks out its nuances and captures the subtle changes of the landscapes from moment to moment, day to day. From a distance, he observes the variables: light, weather, time of day, the ebb and flow of the ocean, and the sunbathers. Seen at different days and hours, the simple charm of the vista evolves into something richer: all the details unique to each moment are evidence of the transience of the time and tide."

- Jen Bekman, from the Introduction




Featuring colorful beach umbrellas and dreamy blue horizons, this beautiful oversized book offers a breath of fresh air and evokes fantasies of Mediterranean travel. A charming and thought-provoking meditation, Time and Tide will appeal to anyone who loves the beach or appreciates the miracle of close looking inherent in photography.

Order a copy of the book here or pick one up at Seaside Beach.

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