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The Loss of a Great Seaside Soul

If you have ever been to Seaside, then you have surely wandered into The Modica Market.  To enter into this great hall of epicurean delight was only a part of the experience.  Once through those doors you were most likely greeted by one of the great icons of Seaside, Mr. Charlie Modica.  Charlie and his family relocated from the Birmingham, Alabama area over two decades ago to follow the vision of Robert and Daryl Davis, and opened the local grocery store in town known as The Modica Market. 

Our children became part of their family as they became familiar faces every season coming back for the famous Buffalo Bites.  Most had a simple family charge account so that they felt comfortable going alone to purchase candy or soft drinks.  Many worked in the market while on summer break from college.  All along, Mr. Charlie knew them by face and then personally by name.

He was working the market just the other day when I went to get the lunch special.  He greeted me as usual with "Howdy do Ma'am?'  I will always remember him as a friend, a colleague, and a father.

Mr. Modica passed away today and we will surely miss him!

2 thoughts on “The Loss of a Great Seaside Soul”

  • I am so saddened to hear this! We were just down this past week. We did not see Mr. Modica on this visit, but we ate breakfast from there every morning (as we do every trip). We have been going to Seaside since 1997, and Mr. Modica was always a familiar face who made you feel like old friends. He was such a sweet man! My heart goes out to his family. They are in my thoughts and prayers. He will be truly missed by many!

  • Terri Minite

    We too were so sad to learn the news. Such a wonderful man and a tremendous loss. Only Modica's Market rivals a close second to that of the ocean here in Seaside and it's top 10 Family Favorites. my family and I came to Seaside year after year like so many families. Traveling to Seaside was half the fun. The parents are as excited as the kids maybe more? But nothing beats walking into Modica's Market! You instantly feel you have home! Charlie Modica was Mr. Seaside! God bless the Modica family. you are all in our prayers.

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