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The First Bud(weiser)

I often wondered how the original Bud came to be Seaside's famous first dachshund.  With some inquiries, here is his story...

Almost thirty years ago, Daryl Davis, co-founder of Seaside, was running errands in Panama City, Florida, when she saw a handsome young dachshund playing in a front yard.  She stopped and said hello, and while she was petting the puppy a man came out and start talking to her.  During the course of the conversation, the man said that he would be moving soon, and that he was looking for a home for the puppy.

Daryl drove the 25 or 30 miles back to Seaside, picked up her husband Robert, and drove back to the puppy's house.  They knocked on the door, and the owner invited them in to talk about the dachshund.  The owner was a big fan of Budweiser beer, and one of the costs of getting the puppy turned out to be drinking a considerable amount of Bud with the owner - a real sacrifice for Robert and Daryl, who enjoy good food and drink.  But after enough cans of beer, the puppy was theirs, and in honor of the occasion they named him Budweiser!

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