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Stuff their Stockings! (SEASIDE Kids Edition)

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1. Cubebot, $10 (mini) $20 (small) - A 3-D puzzle and action figure all in one! He starts out in a cube and folds out into a robot figure. The trick (and fun!) is folding him back into the cube shape. Available in 2 sizes.

2. Happy Doodle Book, $9.99 - Perfect, go anywhere size, these books are different from your traditional coloring book, giving you the prompt and letting your creativity do the rest.

3. Hexbug Crab, $20 - Robotic crab; crawls sideways like a real crab, and responds to clapping by changing directions.

4. DIY Friendship Bracelet Kit, $19 - Sweetly packaged, this DIY friendship bracelet kit comes with safety pins, embroidery floss, and beads to create your own special bracelets.

5. Seaside Stripe Bud Tervis Tumbler, $23 - For the kid who loves Seaside and our friend, Bud, this 10 oz tumbler with a lid is just the perfect size for little hands.

6. Ogo Bild Bits, $9 - Each box comes with plastic, flexible pieces that can be used to create quirky, little characters. All of the pieces are interchangeable, so the more sets you have, the more creative you can be with what you make.

7. Ocean Travel Puzzle, $8 - 100 piece puzzle  with beautiful ocean scene. This puzzle measures 8"x11" when completed and comes in a resealable bag that makes it easy to do anywhere!

8. Pirate Toobs, $14 - Pirate figures, packaged in a plastic tube, allow for endless hours of imaginative play.

9. Tegu Pocket Pouch, $40 - Perfect for all ages, these wooden, magnetic blocks encourage open-ended, imaginative play.

10. Shains Bracelet Kit, $12 - Shains Starter set, comes with bracelet and 33 letters to spell whatever you would like. We have additional packs with more letters and popular icons.

Please call SEASIDE Kids at 850.231.1733 to order. Happy Holidays!

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