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Stepping into History

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"Born on the streets of Capri, the Jack Rogers Navajo sandal immigrated to America courtesy of style icon and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Kennedy favored its elegant ease as a relief from the formalities that her official life demanded.

First made by small, independent cobblers in and around Palm Beach, Jack Rogers put the sandal into expanded production in 1961. The Jack Rogers Navajo sandal became an immediate hit, as it became available to fashionable women coast to coast.

A half century later, the Jack Rogers Navajo sandal is still made by hand in Florida."

We are very excited to announce that we are now selling Jack Rogers sandals at Perspicasity, Seaside Classic, and Seaside Kids! Select colors are available in each store, but we also take special orders for this line so you can order any color that your heart desires!

Perspicasity: 850.231.5829

Seaside Classic: 850.231.2497

Seaside Kids: 850.231.1733

Have a fantastic week!