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Social Graces

Bud & Ellie relaxing poolside

Well it is week two for Bud, and he has certainly learned to adapt to a life of leisure! He has realized that he is a dog, and he has learned that dogs like being outside, running, jumping, playing, eating, and of course, napping.  But as the Town of Seaside's mascot, Bud has to go to work on occasion.   

Today was one of those days. We started our day at the SAS Home Office where I conducted our 4th quarter planning meeting with all of our store managers, the merchandise buyers, and our accounting staff.  Bud, of course, took over the agenda and quickly entertained the staff by chewing off the nose of a stuffed dachshund that we sell. Thank goodness our plush version doesn't have a squeaker!  



Meetings are obviously not one of Bud's favorite ways to spend a gorgeous fall day.  For that matter, mine either! 

I decided it was time to go to Seaside.  For many schools it is Fall Break, and the town is alive with families.  Children on bikes are everywhere and it feels like early spring.  And did I mention the weather?  Tempertures in the 70's.  Heaven on Earth! Taking advantage of having Bud with me for the day I tried to spend as much time outside as possible.  We met my husband and daughter, Makenzie for lunch at one of our great airstream restaurants, Barefoot Barbeque. 

 I don't think Bud could read the sign that said which bowl he was suppose to drink out of, but he appreciated the cool water.  He also enjoyed Mr. Murphy's chicken I secretly slipped under the table to him when my husband wasn't looking.

After lunch Bud met one of Seaside's greatest assets, Mrs. Pat Day.  Pat has been the postmistress of the famous Seaside Post Office for over 25 years.  Not only does she process all the mail, but she is the resource for all that is going on in town.  While we were visiting a woman came by to get Pat's advice on how to vote in our upcoming election.  Now that is clout!

Everywhere Bud went in town children wanted to pet him.  We had a great time with these cute girls from Kentucky.

For little Bud, his discovery of Seaside is still evolving.  Even though Seaside is very dog friendly, it is a real town with lots of activity, people, energy, and noise.  To a creature only a foot off the ground things must appear much larger in scale.  At the end of our day we traveled back to the Lyceum to our car, both exhausted from the day. I spotted a sign at the Great Southern restaurant that signaled where Bud's next visit in town would lead us!  Yes, Seaside is very dog friendly, and friendy to their owners as well!

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