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seedling. planting ideas, growing minds

Seedling is all about encouraging the natural process of thinking and doing! Growing basic skills into a passion for creative thinking and problem solving.

Their kits are designed to encourage kids to seek answers and help from adults, building relationships and communication skills. They supply the materials, and the kids supply the big ideas!

Create your own Designer Dolly

Make your own dolly, ready for any adventure. What will dolly look like? It's up to you to decide! This Seedling Kit contains: Cotton Dolly, Embroidery Thread, Assorted Fabrics, Acrylic Yarn, Felt Pieces, Sewing Needles & Instructions

Design your own Box Kite

Design your own kite and see it flying high in the sky. You'll never believe seeing your art in the sky. This Seedling Kit contains: Box Kite, Fabric Paints, Glitter Glue & Instructions

 Design your own Yoyo

Is it a drawing, your name, a pattern or your favorite color? Paint your own Yoyo. This Seedling Kit contains: Wooden Yoyo, Acrylic Paints, Paint Brush & Instructions

 Make your own Indie Bangles

Express your own unique style by using fabric and ribbons woven around wooden bangles. This Seedling Kit contains: Wooden Bangles, Embroidery Thread, Assorted Fabric and Ribbons, Craft Glue & Instructions

Each one of these kits are available at Seaside Kids! Give them a call today to order yours! 850.231.1733

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