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SEASIDE Kids Holiday Gift Guide (Round Two)

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1. Automoblox Mini 3-Pack, $38

These cars have a universal connector system that allows all the parts to be interchangeable. Switch out the wheels, tops, rims, and the front and back ends of the cars to create your own unique vehicles.

2. Ivy and Bean Boxed Book Set, $19.99

A perfect first chapter book series, Ivy and Bean are 2 friends that were never meant to like each other. They are complete opposites, but compliment each other in ways that allow for maximum adventure.

3. Design Your Own Princess Crown, $34

Create an original crown that is fit for a princess like you! Felt crown, ribbon, glitter glue, gemstones, and felt butterflies included.

4. Design Your Own Super Hero Cape, $50

Create your own super hero cape with this kit from Seedling. Cape, felt, foam stars, glitter glue, and more included in this kit...all you need is your creativity!

5. Hexbug Habitat, $67

Here is a Hexbug Nano Habitat set that you can customize with 35 various pieces to create your own unique maze for your Hexbug Nano to explore. The set is 2 levels and includes one Hexbug Nano. The set folds up, allowing the Habitat Hive to go wherever you go!

6-9. Alice and Henry Bla Bla Dolls, $65

Meet Alice and Henry, knit dolls that like to be dressed up! There are accompanying costumes, outfits, or jammies for each of the dolls available for $35.

10. Ogo Disk, $38

These paddles can be described as trampolines for the ball. Play on your own, or bounce the ball back and forth with a partner. The disks can also fly like a frisbee, adding to the fun factor!

11. Gentle Giraffe, $38

This sweet giraffe is the perfect night time friend to help soothe children to sleep. Choose from 4 different sounds, including a mother's heartbeat.

12. Seaside Logo Pullover Hoodie, $49

For all of the Seaside fans, we have our comfortable pullover hoodie. Sized from XS-XL, we have several colors and graphics to choose from.

13. Tegu Endeavor Set, $75

A 22 piece set, the Tegu Endeavor Set is the perfect way to start out your block collection. These blocks are for all ages, and are magnetic, which ensure that your structures stay together until you take them apart.

Please call SEASIDE Kids at 850.231.1733 to order. Remember, all orders over $100 ship for FREE! Offer ends Sunday, December 15th. 

Happy Holidays!

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