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SAS Employee Beach Blast!

Hello to all! This is our very FIRST post on our super new blog! We hope you find the blog to be a fun and informative place to visit. Please leave us questions, comments, and concerns as often as possible. We hope to hear from you soon!

The staff at Seaside Beach hosted our quarterly company wide employee meeting last night. They had a huge celebration planned that included sand castle building, games, food, and fun! Here are a few pictures from the evening. Please enjoy:)


6 thoughts on “SAS Employee Beach Blast!”

  • This is so exciting!!!!!!!

  • janet

    Man....why wasn't I invited :(

  • Erica

    That is a good looking bunch of people!

  • I decided hula hooping is not my thing, but I sure did well in the eating department. I also enjoyed sitting with the PSCY crowd that day. Cool girls, made me feel young again, well, maybe for a minute!
    Thanks Erica, it was fun.

  • You will be added to my blog roll!!! So sorry my blog is private (my husband is a cop).
    [email protected]

  • have fun perspicasity girls you work hard.