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Hunter Boots

Spotted on celebrities and worshiped by fashion bloggers all over the world, these boots, made from the highest quality rubber, were once known not for their stylish appearance, but for their endurance. The wellingtons we all love today were used by the British Army soldiers during World War I and II.

In 1977, having continued to supply wellies to the Royal Households, Hunter was awarded a Royal Warrant from HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. This was shortly followed, in 1986, by a Royal Warrant from HM The Queen. Providing great recognition for their work in keeping some very important feet dry!

Today, Hunter remains the preferred welly brand for those who like to work hard and play hard - there's a great range of boots to suit welly wearers all over the world - from the Royal Family to festival-goers, working farmers and beach lovers alike.

These Simple, Timeless, and Comfortable boots are now available in select colors at Seaside Classic, Seaside Beach, and Seaside Kids.


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