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Friday Fun - The First Olympic Mascot


Did you know that the very first Olympic mascot was a Dachshund?

Fun facts about Waldi:

  • The first mascot of any Olympic Games wasn't until 1972 in Munich, and the mascot was a Dachshund! Since then, there have been beavers, tigers and bizarre computer-graphic fantasy characters, but Waldi was the first.
  • Waldi was modeled after a real long-haired Dachshund named Cherie von Birkenhof.
  • Waldi was created by designer Otl Aicher who also is credited with designing the logo for German airline Lufthansa.
  • A Dachshund was picked because the breed has qualities that make a great athlete: resistance, tenacity and agility.
  • The route of the marathon in the Munich Olympics was designed using the Waldi design. The course was modeled like the map of a dog, with the head of the dog facing toward the West, and the athletes ran counter-clockwise, starting at the back of the dog's neck and continuing around the ears through Nymphenburg Park. The stomach was the main downtown in Munich and the rear and tail were in the English Gardens.
  •  More than 2 million Waldi-related items were made and sold, including a plush toy, a plastic toy, buttons, posters, stickers, and a pin.
  • The popularity of Waldi caused future Olympic committees to come up with their own mascots and brands to help raise money.


Everyone here at The Seaside Style is anxiously awaiting the Opening Ceremony! How about you? What is your favorite event to watch during the summer games? 

Bud says, "GO TEAM USA!"


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