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Country Dog/City Dog

Bud spent his first weekend of freedom adapting to life on our farm.  I quickly realized that this dachshund preferred laying in my lap watching college football over chasing squirrels in the backyard!  His venturing days seemed to be curbed after a month in lockup.  Bud has bonded with the beagles and does enjoy our morning hikes through the pastures.  But once home he quickly let's me know that he is ready to come back inside.  The first night he was terrified of my husband, but by the next morning I caught them sitting together on our back porch while Wyman drank his coffee.  

Monday morning rolled around and with a little nervous hesitation I decided to take Bud on his first trip to Seaside.  I have a 45 minute commute every morning so I needed to make sure that I had everything Bud might need to go to town.  Bed...check.  Leash & collar...check.  Toys...check.  Towel...check.  Water bowl...check.  Oh and a stylish French Market tote to carry all his items.   Celebrities don't travel light!

We stopped by our Home Office in Santa Rosa Beach to meet all the support staff.  This is also where we warehouse all of our inventory and ship out all of our orders.  Bud liked running up and down the hallways gathering different dachshund toys from our website photo area. 

Next stop for the day, Seaside.  Not knowing how Bud was going to act in a town situation with cars and different noises, I decided to park in front of Perspicasity so that Bud could meet the girls.  He was very jaunty strolling through the open air market and got quite a lot of attention from the staff and customers.  The girls were all wearing new gray scarves since the weather had finally cooled off, and Bud loved playing a game of tugging on their accessories.  We then ventured over to Seaside Kids, Seaside Beach, and Pizitz Home & Cottage to introduce Bud to our staff.  It was then time to focus on lunch!

We of course went to Modica Market and ordered the special.  Charles Jr.  immediately recognized the new Bud!  We will certainly be making lots of trips to the Market, so it is nice to have immediate recognition.  I have never had an office dog, but after awhile Bud settled in for a nap, and I finally was able to get a little work done.

In the afternoon, I was ready to take Bud to our flagship store Seaside Classic.  I think immediately Bud sensed that this was his store.  Classic carries most of our Bud mascot logo items including t-shirts, caps, and treats with the original Bud's image on them.  Floanne, the store manager, and key staff member Kia embraced our new star and proceeded to take some great shots of Bud perusing the wares.

We had a nice chat with an architect from Nashville who had been to Seaside in the early days to study town planning.  He talked about how he used the town as a teaching laboratory for his younger colleagues.  After meeting Bud and hearing the original story, he confirmed that Seaside was going to be the future location for his family reunion.

After a visit to Fusion Art Glass Gallery and a swing through Eileen West's Gallery (Bud met Mr. Washboard Jackson himself!)  we gathered up all of our belongings in Bud's new tote and headed back to the farm.  I wondered what Bud was going to tell the beagles about his first day in Seaside?


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  • Terri from UnderDogs

    Hi guys~
    You just don't know how happy it makes me to have been a part in saving this little guy! What an amazing story!! It brings me so much joy to think of his bright future!! Smooch that cute nose for me!!
    ps.. I am sharing his blog with everyone I know! :)

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