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8 unique gift wrap ideas

 While searching for new holiday wrapping techniques, we stumbled upon this great list in Sunset Magazine.  So join us this holiday season and get crafty with original and beautifully ordinary packaging materials.

Reusable fabric wrap

Make the wrapping part of the present.

Floral wrapping paper

Stock up on 100% recycled papers.

Accessorized scrap paper

Recycle your own newspapers, magazine pages, or junk mail as gift wrap. Add a bit of greenery (here, rose hips and redwood sprigs) for color and a festive scent.

Stamps on kraft paper

Style your own gift wrap with stamps and colored ink.

Magazine pages

This material makes the perfect wrapping for small boxes. Look for sheets with large and colorful images, graphic prints, or old-fashioned black-and-white type.

Recycled cloth

Use neatly pressed fabric remnants from sewing projects for soft or hard-to-wrap objects. Cut, fold, and punch holes into pages from old calendars or prints to make gift tags.

Jam jars

Reuse jam jars for items such as jewelry. Cover lids with fabric secured with glue.

Paper bags

Shredded paper lines the inside of a shoe box covered with a paper grocery bag. To dress up packages and add color, tie with vintage ribbon.

Happy Holidays!