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Our Dog- Bud the Dachshund

"On a diet of homemade chicken soup, Bud lived to a ripe old age of 21."
Co-founder Robert Davis and Bud 1996, Photo by Sheree Williams
Seaside Dog Collar
Bud Tales

OTHER THAN TOWN FOUNDERS ROBERT AND DARYL DAVIS, BUD the dachshund was probably the most common site around town. Bud worked very hard during the early days of Seaside accompanying Robert to work every day. Bud would ride in Robert's bicycle basket to the office. After that it was a steady stream of meetings and sight visits. Bud took his job of House inspector seriously, but those close to Bud knew he was secretly looking for leftover Lunch scraps from the carpenters!

Perhaps the dachshund has become a symbol for the New Urbanism movement because of Bud's personality and legendary status. Maybe everyone needs a dachshund of their own to help build a proper town?

Our dog Bud

Bud made his daily rounds to Modica Market and the various restaurants to see what the daily specials were. He was immortalized when the owners of the famous restaurant, Bud & Alleys chose his name and image as their icon. One of Bud's favorite napping places was in the sun at Perspicasity. He enjoyed watching the parade of people walk, bike and stroll through the outdoor beach shop. That's where he made many friends who always stopped to pet him and say hello.

On a diet of homemade chicken soup, Bud lived to a ripe old age of 21. Bud is a part of Seaside history, and is honored today with his own line of Seaside products.

Seaside Dog Toys
Bud has inspired new Seaside branded products for dogs including collars, leashes, and doggie treats.

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